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Do you want to talk about our brand? What can we offer you from Mendelek studio?

At Mendelek Studio we do things differently, so we have created two paths:

  • The [Affiliate] path
  • The [Ambassador] path

The [Affiliate] path

If you want to be an affiliate and get up to 10% on each of the sales that come from your channels.
It's simple, just create an account and generate custom links for you to share with your audience.

Affiliate program

The [Ambassador] path

If you want to dive deeper into the brand, discover our designs before they are released and co-create with us, being an affiliate may not be enough.
If so, we'd love to talk to you

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5.0Inspire & be inspired

How to become an affiliate?

Recomienda Mendelek. Gana comisiones. Únase ahora y gane hasta un 10% de comisión por cada referencia que realice.

We create spaces that [inspire people] to [inspire]
We are here to listen to you

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